Spray drying technology

How does it work?

The spray drying process consists in spraying a liquid in thin droplets in chamber where warm air is brought. Thanks to this process, the water contained in the liquid is instantly evaporated. The micro granulated powder is recovered at the bottom of the chamber, the rest is brought by air flow to cyclones which will separate the powder from the air.

This process permits to preserve the functionalities of the product and is a good alternative to freeze drying.

Different kinds of spray dryers

Single effect spray dryers enable to obtain thin powders when multiple effects spray dryers enable to obtain micro granulated powders (optimal fluidity of the powder).



Plants extract



  • Low temperature spray drying
  • High preservation of the functionalities
  • Control of the hygroscopicity
  • High wettability
  • Instant dispersibility


Nutraceuticals Ingredients


  • Alternative to freeze drying
  • Free flowing powders
  • Instant solubility in cold water


Thermo-sensitive ingredients


  • Micro granulated powders
  • Dust free powders
  • Free flowing powders
  • Preservation of the functionalitiespoudres
  • Barrier effect
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