How does it work?

The Microencapsulation is a process permitting to embrace in a membrane a product which can be a paste, a powder or a liquid. The process of microencapsulation brings a protection to the active ingredient contained in the membrane.

The particle size varies from 50 µm to over 1000 µm


Natural colourings

  • High protection against oxidation
  • Protection against light
  • Nano-emulsion for maximal bioavailability and a longer shelf life




  • High speed rehydration
  • Free flowing powder
  • microencapsulationInstant Solubility
  • Reduced hygroscopicity



Powders enriched in omega 3

  • Fish oil enriched in EPA and DHA
  • High protection against oxidation
  • High stability
  • Free flowing powders
  • Taste maskingomega 3
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