Tailor-made solution

INNOV'IA: your partner

For each step of your project, INNOV'IA offers the best range of process and tools for the production of powder :



INNOV'IA accompanies you from the beginning of your project by realizing a feasibility study. This study will help you to determine if your product can be spray dried. We are also designing development programs and are collaborating with you in order to give the most appropriate answer to your request.


  • Pilot trials from 1 to 5 kg will permit you to test and qualify the products made
  • Industrial trials (200 to 1000 kg) to bigger production (1 à 100 t).
  • INNOV’IA is very flexible and can realize for you a micro–production adapted to your needs (20 to 200 kg)


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During the last 20 years, we have developed more than 650 new products


INNOV'IA will bring you solutions thanks to the spray drying, the coating, the agglomeration, the microencapsulation and the prilling technologies.

Aiming to:

Optimize the physical properties

  • Improvement of the wettability
  • Instant dispersibility
  • Free flowing powders
  • Controlled density
  • Directly compressible powders
  • Reduced hygroscopicity
  • Dust free powders

Preservation of the functionalities

  • Barrier effect
  • Preservation of active ingredients against aggressive environment: oxidation, high temperatures, humidity
  • Taste masking
  • Controlled and sustained release
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